Purchased at the end of 2015,  Here is:

1970 Ford Thunderbird  2 doors Coupe.
Collectible French registry,
every items work fine (now...)
Behaviour? V8 429CI , 360 HP,  4BL Carb!
  A Merveille!

Thanks to this website:
Automobile Milepost (R)
for informations on this model

What a style, 5m40 lenght weighing 2T2!

Tbird in hangar, Lights on!

 2 70's desirable machines, from Detroit-MI-USA and from Issoire-Puy de Dome-FR

Tbird at Dawn!

Rear view on sequence flashing turning lights

  Tbird Sky View Blue code E original Color

Tbird video

Rear bench covered with Brougham Dark blue

Flightdeck with air cond, speed regulator, window switches, elec bench

Near seashore with previous owner

  V8 429Ci engine 366 HP, 4 valves 4300 carburetor

A splendid frontview of the car, with its so specific Tbird front grille

An other commander place view

Front bench view fitted with Brougham Dark Blue cloth

An other Tbird view while cruising
Built in 1970, was sold for 7000 US$, this car would cost 50000 US$ nowadays!  By December 2018, This Car Value update is as follows: 28500 €
-Purchase and registration November 2015: 18000€
-Front arms upper bushings, seals, cooling valve, heating valve, March 2016 : 300€
-Front gear parts replaced and setting, March 2016: 770€
-Battery, April 2016: 170€
-Safety belts, May 2016: 300€
-Main windows switches kit, May 2016: 300€
-Trunk seal, May 2016 : 120€
-Paint of front fenders and front cowl, air conditionning recharging, May 2016: 1350€
-Weatherstrip door seals, rear window switches, trunk drains, July 2016: 780€
-Quartz clock, RetroSound radio and speakers, August 2016, 560€
-Fanclutch, front lower arms, rear suspension bushings, October 2016: 750€
-Led lights and sequencing turn lights computer by West Coast Cougar, November 2016 : 700€
-New original bench canvas and vinyl, January 2017 : 900€
- front lower arms bushings and rear arms bushings, February 2017 :1500€
- front bench upholstery, July 2017 : 1000€
-Repair of origin Warning buzzer on light circuit and key circuit, November 2017
-Windshield and vinyl top replacement, windows settings, September 2018 : 1000€

Let"s go and cruise by now!

Some authentic promoting photos.

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